Jodi Tahsler

Jodi Tahsler grew up in the mountains of Pennsylvania. Her mother, the English teacher, takes complete credit for Jodi’s love of reading. Jodi went to Grove City College, intending to study biology and eventually become a pediatrician. After the first year, she realized that science wasn’t her passion, switched to an English major, and never looked back.

Many people assumed she would teach, but Jodi knew if there was a way she could read books for a living and get paid for it, she would find it! For seven years she worked as an editor at a Pittsburgh publishing house before relocating to Chicago. In Chicago, she worked as an editor for the leading publisher of building codes. She says this not only developed her technical writing skills, but also improved her editorial process. She has been told by various managing editors that she’s a great editor, but she’d make a better comedienne, and isn’t sure whether to be flattered or insulted.

Jodi has edited everything from children’s books to plumbing manuals. She has worked on a little bit of everything in her career, including several books on eating healthy, though they haven’t yet made an impact, poetry, historical and contemporary fiction, and one year she even wrote copy for a Christmas card. Additionally, she has received praise from Publisher’s Weekly on her ghostwriting work, which has included both fiction and nonfiction.

Jodi now lives in Saint Louis with her husband, Steve, and their Chihuahua, Chico. In her free time, she enjoys minor league baseball (and the Pittsburgh Pirates, although some people argue they’re the same), reading, and cooking.

Specialties: General fiction and nonfiction, inspirational, historical fiction, sci-fi/fantasy, short stories, young adult, romance, self-help, technical, memoirs/biographies, religious, and mystery.