We encourage you to e-mail us, via MS Word attachment and in double-spaced format, the first fifteen pages of your manuscript (please no random pages or chapters).

We will edit the first five pages electronically using the MS Word tracking system and will offer a critique based on all pages submitted, free of charge. The critique will point out what works, what areas need attention, and how they should be addressed.

We are unable to extend this offer to unfinished manuscripts or documents under 15,000 words. We do offer a double-spaced sample edit of three pages and a short critique for completed documents that include at least 25,000 words.

Complete confidentiality is guaranteed and we aim for a five-day turnaround. We welcome the opportunity to show you what we can do.

WHAT WE DO GUIDE: This guide will provide detailed information about who we are, what we do, our fee structure for hard-copy and electronic editing, and it also spells out what is included in the price. Additionally, the Guide will offer information on how contracts are assigned to editors, turnaround time, and just about anything else you may want to know about us. Please click here to request.

Why an Editor

A good editor is a sound investment for the following reasons:

  • An agent/publisher has expressed strong interest in representing you and believes he/she can place your manuscript. However, he/she believes it needs to be tighter, cleaner, etc.—in other words, specific indications that the agent is likely to take you on if you improve your manuscript.
  • The agent believes that your manuscript needs better pacing and/or organization, or a stronger opening, middle, or ending, but you haven't been able to do the work yourself.
  • You're trying your hand at mystery, mainstream fiction, sci-fi or fantasy, etc. and you require the help of an editor conversant with the requirements of the specific genre.
  • You want your manuscript to be the best that it can be, but you've done all the revising you can do on your own or perhaps want to see what an editor might suggest.

Many agents and publishers recommend an author hire an editing service prior to sending them a manuscript and before accepting the author as a client. In today’s increasingly tough publishing market, first impressions are often lasting ones and can make or break a writing career. It is imperative that the manuscript submitted for consideration--whether short or long, fiction or nonfiction--be polished and error free.

Our professional editors know what agents and publishers look for in a manuscript and can spot many mistakes first-time writers make. Remember, they earn their living from editing rather than the well-meaning retired English professor you golf with or your sister who "just knows your book will be the next best seller."

Who We Are

A-1 Editing Service has been in business since 1998. Our experienced, professional editors have earned excellent reputations for their personalized and quality service as demonstrated from repeat business from former clients. We are a full-service firm, not to be confused with other companies bearing similar names. We specialize in first-time and novice writers and edit all types of fiction and non-fiction except poetry.

Why Choose A-1 Editing Service

The reasons are many, but here are only a few: our service is fast, accurate, personalized, reasonable, and highly professional. We keep in touch with you during the editing process and are always available to answer your questions. We assign only one manuscript at a time to each editor and our editors and their qualifications allow us to fit the right person to the job. We have many repeat clients who come back to us over the course of many years who trust our services and attention to detail and are willing to recommend us to their writing friends. And we won't disappear after we complete your job. We're here for you when you need us.

Although price is a consideration, you should note the scope of the services included in your fee so that, as you look at other firms, you don't compare apples with oranges and get the best value for your editing dollars.

We cannot guarantee that having your work edited will result in representation or publication. We can only assist you in putting your manuscript in the best shape possible to hopefully attract an agent or publisher. Since we are not book doctors, we will not rewrite your work unless contracted to do so, although we will make extensive, detailed suggestions as to character and plot development, sentence and paragraph relocation, tightening of text, etc.

A final caveat: Whether you are writing a novel or your memoir, this is an intensely personal endeavor, usually the result of many months or even years of hard work. Be sure to entrust your cherished manuscript to an editor who will respect its integrity and help you make it the best it can possibly be. You should have a good rapport and be comfortable with your editor, so choose this person carefully.